Question: What are the roles of fans in the growth of a Football Club?

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Posted at 12h07 on 28 May 20
by forumadmin

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Posted at 13h13 on 28 May 20
by anthony

1)..In an era where it seems football clubs have become the playthings of the very rich, what role can supporters play in ensuring clubs are run well and adhere to good governance standards?
Not every fan is going to be interested in what goes on off the pitch but our message is that
they should be able to have a say if they want because clubs are run for the supporters. Clubs are not for the benefit of one person or a small group of people; they are there for the thousands of supporters.It isn’t a matter of picking the team. It’s simply a way giving supporters an opportunity to be involved in the key decisions that the club makes because at a very fundamental level any decision should be for the benefit of all supporters. Think of it as an insurance policy: if and when things go wrong, the supporters are there to help to make sure the club is still around for their kidsProgressive clubs acknowledge the role of transparency and believe that good governance is more than just a phrase. They understand that everything flows from the governance structure and fans can have an important role to play in this. The 2013 Champions League final was a great example of this – Bayern Munich against Borussia Dortmund: two very successful clubs (in sporting and financial terms) where the members’ meeting is the highest decision-making body.

2)...is the relationship between the fans and the club across the  world the same ???Fan culture is very different from country to country and from club to club. There are however binding issues: we believe that fans want clubs to have a commitment to democratic structures, sustainability and community involvement with strong social values.In Germany and Sweden, for example, clubs are member run and the challenge there is improving the governance. In places such as France and the UK, it’s a matter of fans getting a seat at the table. In Eastern Europe the issues for some fans is often how to involve clubs in stopping violence and discrimination.We are now making good progress in helping Italian supporters organise too, though when we started in 2009 we were told that it would be hopeless. The first 100 per cent fan-owned club is Cava United near Naples. There is now a national organisation for supporters that has 20 members in the Italian league right up to the Serie A. We like to think if it could happen in Italy it can happen anywhere!
3)...Do fans worry about match-fixing and what can they do about it?BS: In the last 18 months to two years there has been a lot more about match-fixing and there has also been a response from UEFA, the clubs, leagues and a coordinated approach from the players union. Everyone acknowledged that something must be done. And we see positive progress.We believe that supporters should be involved in the debate too. It goes back to how the clubs are run. For example, the supporters need to know that the players are being paid because these are the kinds of situations that make players vulnerable to match-fixers. This is a matter of good governance.We’ve seen leagues fall apart because of match-fixing. In Asia some leagues were endemically corrupt and the fans gave up going to matches. Our role is to lend backing to the kind of education initiatives that were put forward by groups like Transparency International

4)... What role can fans play in mega sporting events?BS: A group like Supporters Direct Europe is a collective initiative — a civil society organisation — and we can form alliances with other groups to make sure that fans are heard during important debates. For example, we are part of the  sports rights alliance along with seven other organisations including Amnesty International, Football Supporters Europe and Transparency International Germany. The goal is to push for better conditions both on and off the pitch and that includes the human rights of the workers who are building the stadiums and efforts to ensure there are anti-corruption programmes in place in large sporting events.Thanks ..!!!

Posted at 14h42 on 28 May 20
by jide

Roles of fan in  the growth of a football club.
1. Supporting the football club through thick and thin,in times of winning and losing days.
2. Patronising the football club's merchandise,jerseys, match day tickets etc.
3. Giving the Football club 100% support in terms of  watching the teams games.
4. A fan should watch the team's home and away game(if privileged),buy home tickets and watch the club's games.
5. If the fan isn't financially privileged to buy team's tickets or watch home match physically, fan should be able to watch live streamed games of the club either by TV or social media.
6. A fan should follow football club's social handles e.g Facebook, Instagram,Twitter,Gmail's.etc and pages and support,make referrals,share club's page icons,represent team when watching the club.
7. A fan should be able to be part of the club's activities, being able to mention it's players, make stadium appearances.

With this little,I hope win. Thank You

Posted at 15h03 on 28 May 20
by aliu

According to my own point of I think there are many pillars that make a team or club operate well like  management, staffs, players and fans.  But here I will like to emphasis on the role fans play in a team or club.
When a team is playing great, winning games, winning trophies for the club. There is no great need for the players to need extra bit of confidence needed to win a match that comes from fans cheering their heart out for the team or club. Fans has a very  important in the team, their contribution can be as important as the player on the field at times that produce piece of magic to turn the  game in thier favour. Fans can also put confidence in a player having a bad game just to help the player back in the game. Club need the support of fans to make it a great football  club. My conclusion is that confidence breeds confidence while negativity breeds negativity.

Posted at 19h43 on 28 May 20
by gobsam2003

Being Tagged a successful Club is something every Football Club aspires.
Some Key factors which showcase a Successful club are:
Wide Fan Base
Trusted source of Constant Revenue
Legacy of Winning
Trophies winning domestically and Abroad

All these things are amazingly possible through the fans if they are well engaged 
Who then is a Fan?
A Fan is an individual who gives his care,love, attention and support to a particular football club despite all odds. It is almost ironic to know that a club without fans cannot be guaranteed sustainability.

Roles of Fans in the growth of a Football Club:

Widening the Club's Fan base:-  
Foremost, a Club be tagged as a professional club talk less successful, if it Doesn't have a wide Fan base.
Fans are brand Bearers of the club and are Evangelists of the Club and as Evangelists, they publish the good news of the club. Through their publicity individually, they widen the fan base which in turn gets huge collectively.
Trusted source of Constant Revenue:-
Constant revenue flowing into a football club is one key thing that keeps a club going. As much as Club sponsors are a source of huge revenue to the club, Internal Revenue Generation is also a key thing which is needed to keep a club going. Revenue through fans is a very huge way of generating funds internally.
Fans invest in the club through Purchasing of Club's seasonal match tickets, purchasing of club jersey and other merchandise, partaking in club tours and all club activities on and off the pitch. These in turn roll in huge funds into the club's purse.
As much as fans help to increase club's revenue, they also aid in minimizing club expenditure and spendings.
It is not something new that many clubs have been charged with huge fines because of Fans behavior.
Fans can help minimize club spendings by being of good behavior whenever they come to watch the Club's matches home or away. They will never be involved in the vandalization of club facilities which have been richly invested in by the club, they will never be involved in acts which will put the club in financial stress and image tarnishing as it weakens the club.
Legacy of winning:- 
Victory is what everyone wants; the fans, players ,coaching staff, management board and the sponsors.
The fans shout the players to their best through songs, chants, encouragement, instruments playing and much more to boost the morale of the players. The players' acknowledgment of huge fans presence and not wanting to disappoint the supporting fans would drive them to give their best and hence, a legacy of winning is built in the team. Express way winning with a few inevitable bumps will also help to retain sponsors.
This in turn leads the team into clinching Trophies Domestically and Abroad.


Once a Lion Forever a Lion

Posted at 21h07 on 28 May 20
by ismaila


The term role, simply means the parts, functions and contributions  people play towards achiveing a goal. In this case, the growth of a football team.


Football fans are a group of people who are enthusiastically devoted to a club.At a football club, there’s a holy trinity—the PLAYERS, the MANAGER, and the FANS,” said Bill Shankly, the legendary manager of Liverpool soccer club.



Loyalty and attendance is very important in football, you cannot take it away from the game. Fans who are loyal do not miss match days because of little excuses. if indeed you are loyal. There is no little excuse that will make you miss match days at the stadium or even cheer your support whenever you are. The larger the attendance in home games, and most especially away games - the more the players get motivated. This is a tested and confirmed point.
See the following instances :
On 11 March, 2019, Sergio Ramos, Team Captain for Real Madrid, used Twitter to explain to his 16 million followers why his team were not performing. He was also quick to point out that it was the fans who made the club and their success was not down to one man.
On another famous European night, a Champions League semi-final battle against Chelsea in 2005, one Liverpool defender said: “The crowd were fantastic, there was no way I could have run like that for 96 minutes if I hadn’t been feeding off the crowd.” John Terry, then-captain of Chelsea, wrote in his autobiography.  These are uncontroverted facts that proves the importance of fans attendance during match days - which is born out of loyalty.


Football fans being consumers may be defined as a process involved through which individuals select, purchase, use and dispose of sport-related product, services and benefits of their clubs. The more loyal a fan is to a team, the more they will engage to consume the products and services of the club. Highly loyal fans are likely to view their expenditures as an avenue of supporting the club, as opposed to simply paying money in exchange for goods or service. This turn leads to many fans being less price-sensitive when purchasing team or player merchandise. Fans that consume the clubs products create several opportunities for the club, which are: wide fan base, recognition, revenue and alot of other benefits.


Being a fan is no longer just about watching and cheering. Empowered by social media, fans now expect an unprecedented level of access to players, coaches, and owners. What is more, they are absolutely ought to be part of decisions that are sometimes made behind closed doors. Besides, fans have increasingly used their collective power to influence leagues and franchises. With access to myriad twitter feeds and other sources of information, fans not only have more power but more potential points of conflict. Whereby, emerging generations of fans – armed with powerful media advices and always-on connectivity, and social media platforms with massive reach - have stated to take control of the conversation, effectively becoming a major media entity in their own right. Teams, leagues, and sponsors who fail to respond to activist fan movements rick major damage to tickets sales and brand equity. Thus, fans become an ever more powerful force in breaking news and creating consensus with little deference to traditional sources of information  like sports journalists or official commentators.Technology is radically changing the relationship between fans and the teams they love. The amount of content produced by fans uploading video streams and images of live games – from smartphones inside the arena – will regularly exceed the amount generated by official broadcasters – and will be seen by everyone around the world.


In the football market, with regard to fans, money flows in many directions, from fans to pay-tv providers, from fans to ticketing and from fans to merchandises. Fans excitations for spending their money to buy packages of pay-tv providers for matches and products relate to clubs, and, to become a membership of clubs. Besides, football clubs have created supporting infrastructure as facilities like restaurants, bars, fast-food chains, hotels, merchandise stores, book and music stores etc. Fans tend to patronize these places even on match days, and this generate money for the clubs


Fans are the most important part to the team because they are the reason why the players, staff, and coaches make money. They give the players confidence.

Posted at 11h01 on 30 May 20
by azeez

Football clubs are not just sporting entities, they are also business entities which provides goods and services for the consumption of the public. The activities of a club involves both the socio-physical and financial aspects. Therefore, measuring the growth of a club depends on its performance in games, as well as its level of income; this is even more so because the utmost development of a club is a consequence of the funds available to it.A club's fan base is an integral part of the club, this is due to its direct and indirect impact on the club's performance at games, as well as the revenue generation of such club.Having said the above, I shall briefly examine the impact on fans on the two aspects of a club's development viz: the socio-physical and financial perspectives.
This could be examined from the angle of products and services. The products produced by the club is its merchandise (apparel,  training and other clothing materials) which is largely purchased by the fans and loyalist of the club. The income made by a club from the sale of these products is not small: Manchester United made above £100 Million in 2019 (ending June 30) in this regard. On the other hand, the service rendered by the club is the pleasure and satisfaction spectators derive from watching football matches either at the stadium or on TV. There is no need emphasizing the fact that fans purchase ticket in order to gain entry into the stadiums to watch matches. With the large crowd usually present in the stadium during matches (average of 30,000 persons), one could imagine the huge amount that would be generated by the clubs from ticket sale; over £600 Million was generated from matchday ticket sale by Manchester United in 2019. Moving on to those who watch on TV, although subscription to these channels are made to the different television authorities such as DSTV. However, this could still be indirectly linked with the club's revenue because the different television outlets pay a certain whooping amount of money to the clubs to enjoy the right to broadcast the matches live. Statistically, Manchester United generated over £240 Million on broadcasting in 2019.All of these are ways through which the fans impact the financial stability of a club. 

There are several factors that contribute to the performance of the club on field of play. These factors include support and motivation from the crowd/fans during the games, the decision of the club's management with respect to transfer of players and other administrative activities, as well as the players' personal attitude towards the games. It is quite interesting that all these factors could be strongly influenced by the fans. The shouting and singing at the stands on a matchday has a lot to say on the outcome of the game and we have had instances where players give the credit of their great performance to the fans. Also, the decision of the club's management is sometimes influenced by the fans through physical and electronic demonstrations on plackards and social media calling the attention of a club to certain issues affecting the club. An example of this was seen when Manchester United fans sometimes in 2019 called out on the club's manager to always start the duo of Rashford and Martial together at the start of the game.

From the foregoing, the different activities of the team that leads growth have been pointed out. Also, it is important to state that the priority of a true fan is the utmost development of his club with respect to finances and performance. This is necessary to satisfy the fans emotional attachment to the team as well as their bragging right amongst fans of other clubs. Thus, everything a fan does towards the club is based on what he believes to be in the best interest and growth of the club. Therefore, fans could be likened to consumers of goods and services without who production would be rendered useless.

Posted at 20h41 on 31 May 20
by muhammad bashir

 It's no news in our ecosystem that ''football is the most watched and loved sport in the world''.  Be that as it may, this aforementioned Statement cannot be achieved without the populace, the icing on the cake, the unseen workforce that's operating behind the scenes and who are they? The fans!Yes the fans, a quick question does arose,  who do we regard as a fan.?

A fan ‘’Literally’’ is a fanatic or a supporter, who is enthusiastically devoted to something or somebody, such as a celebrity or band, a sport or a sports team (em.wikipeadia.org). In football, football fans are known for their commitment, loyalty and unshaken dedication and love for their beloved club


It's no secret that money moves magic. The importance of funding in the administration of a club cannot be overemphasized, aside sponsorship deals,revenue generated from the league authorities, what  comes next in hierarchy is internally generated money which goes a long way in maintaining the club at all fronts.
Fans improve the club's reserves by patronizing the clubs products and merchandise. This is not all the overwhelming majority of the club's consumers are their fans, raging from match ticket sales, shirt sales to other products. In 2000, when Florentino Perez took charge at Real Madrid,  one of his foremost agenda was on how to pull the fans firmly behind the team. The previous seasons Real Madrid failed to filled their home stadium (Santiago bernabue) in their league games,  however Perez emphasized the point that income generated from stadium attendance will provide the club with more financial stability. 
Shirt sales of Cristiano Ronaldo, James Rodriguez, Gareth Bale has a place in history as one of the biggest shirt sales being sold, who bought them?  The fans did! The money spent on their transfers were gotten back just from their shirt sales, stadium attendance improved and we all can testify how much this has improved the growth of the club in all financial ramifications, the fans literally secure the bag for their team.

The wonderful and sonorous voice of your fans at stadium grounds,  echoed all around the stands, it doesn’t stop there,  it spurs the players to perform better Indeed the term home advantage is here to stay in football.
 The KOP (Liverpool fans),  labelled Roberto firmino as 'best in the world',  ironically the Brazilian striker has failed to score at home for 8 months.  Nevertheless during this period Liverpool were crowned European champion for the fifth time, mounted a memorable comeback against Barcelona,  in fact they have gone more than a year without losing at home in the league.  Anfiled,Nou Camp(FCBarcelona stadium),Allainz arena (both for JuventusFC and FCBayern Munich) as been a force to reckon with, why is this so? The reason is not far fetched, They’re simply playing in front of their fans.
 The fans lifts the team’s spirit, the attitude to fight for the club, to protect the batch of the club and defends it will ultimately make the team to perform better and improve the club sporting wise as their spirits of competition gets automatically connected.  In simple terms football players often believed they play to appease their fans and as such they must not be disappointed 

The do or die attitude of fans,  their utmost dedication to the club will most often than not improve the image of the club,  the gospel gets to be preached, the influence is on and on. Usian Bolt, is a famous fan of Man Utd. Some of 'Bolt fans' would because of Bolt be automatically attached to Man United.
 The image of the club is well represented, the clubs social fan base gets to increase,  the publicity of the club increased as well. So many fans has called their friends to partner with them to join the train and become a member of their club,  with this the fan base of the club gets to increase more than one can imagine.
Somebody  became a of Man Utd just because an older fan bought him suya! Suya? Yes suya, that goes to say that the territory of the club is on the increase,fans will call more fans and more fans will call more fans. The populace of the club increase than one can imagine all across the world.

Football fan is not just anyhow fan, they’re fanatics, they want to see their club do well, they want to see their club compete and win honours at the top level, they’re ready to cyphoon, to go on voyages of protests and boycotts just to see their club do wellNo wonder Newcastle fans were quick to condemn Mike Ashley (their previous owner)  for the mismanagement of the club.

The club cant walk the road without the fans,  they're the real MVP, their loyalty is unmatched their importance cannot be overemphasized!

Posted at 08h18 on 11 Dec 20
by jiuer7845

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