How do you classify a club as a successful football club, What are the facts to be considered ?


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Posted at 09h46 on 14 May 20
by forumadmin

Question: How do you classify a club as a successful football club, What are the facts to be considered?

Let’s hear you speak.

- Answers with the most detailed analysis and research win.
- 1 Jersey each for 5 lucky winners.
- Copied answers will be neglected.

Good Luck.

Posted at 11h31 on 14 May 20
by chris bc

A football team thst is successful consists of dedicated players who do their best no matter what, who play a consistent game every week and who are loyal to their club. If their team is at the bottom of the ladder, they will stick together as a team and play their best every week until the team reaches the top. It also consists of dedicated fans who stick with the team even when they are on the bottom of the ladder. Loyal and dedicated fans are an extremely important part of a successful team because they give players a lot of motivation to be better. An also the ability to get a leader with vision n creativity (terms applies to but coaches n captains..

Posted at 11h37 on 14 May 20
by ayobami solomon

1. Trophy Cabinet : I think all of you will agree with me on this. The more the number of trophies the club has won the higher it is on the success chart.
2. Tradition : Whether the club has a tradition that they have been following since they came into existence has a major impact on creating a loyal fanbase. This can either be their style of play or the culture of the club
4. Fanbase The number of fans that a club has a direct impact on the success of a club. Fanbase is the most important factor when one has to decide whether a club is successful or not. Manchester United have not won a major trophy in the post Ferguson era but are still considered as one of the most successful clubs in the world and that’s only because of their fans. Same goes for Arsenal and Liverpool, both these clubs are considered successful because they have a huge and loyal fanbase
5. Players : When you have top players in the world playing for your club the it kind of automatically sets a bench mark of how successful your club is. All the big, successful clubs in the world have world class players playing for them which backs there status as a successful club.
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Posted at 12h05 on 14 May 20
by joseph

1. Famous Rivalries; a club is said to be successful when they have another club in the league that challenges them and they are able to overcome them. That club is said to be successful.
2. Trophy Cabinet; when a club has a history of winning trophies the club turns out to be a successful club. Like Manchester United that has won the premier league for a record 20 times , a club like that is tagged a successful club.
3.Fan base; the number of fans a club has also determines how successful a club is.
4. Having top players and managers in a club also determines how successful a club is. Especially when the top players and managers have really impacted their wealthy knowledge in the club and the club started winning trophies. Like Newcastle United that will be bought by  those Saudi Arabians, when they invest in the club,in less than no time Newcastle United will be a Successful club.

Posted at 12h27 on 14 May 20
by ismaila


A club with regular and constant financial income, irrespective of where it comes from - is a successful club. You cannot manage a club without constant in flow of money. For a club to be successful, it has to have regular financial capability.


One core attribute of a sports team comes from the stadium.It’s where the most dedicated fans spend their time and where the coaches and players brand the team to come together on the field. Without any doubt, the venues that a team train and plays at can draw or put off fans from their games and even the club entirely.  Also, when you have good sporting facilities like gym etc.. It helps you to prepare players for the big stage. Hence, a sophisticated sporting facility is what you will find in every big club in the world.


Evey successful club must be attributed to certain kind of great players whom they can point to as a LEGEND. A club without any legend is not a successful club. Because, legends make a club successful. They win you trophies, they create histories etc. Hence, a club with big name players and legends is a successful club. Because, the likes of Messi will not go to a club that doesn't win trophies or have regular income or good training ground.


Winning is a core definition of success in sport. The simplest of comparisons between clubs is to look at their win-loss record. A loaded trophy cabinet a large crowd, and a successful club can list their accomplishments by the number of trophies under their belt. The more trophies, the more people want to reckon with a club.


Fans is the heart of any successful club, without a wide fan base, there can never be a successful club. They are the one who will hype you all over the world. For instance, take a look at when Abramovich bought Chelsea, the fan base increased even to Nigeria. Where Chelsea was hyped vehemently. The stakeholders, in this case are the fans. The fans' investment is their support, and their return comes in the form of the emotional gratification all football fans desire, be it through chasing promotion, surviving relegation or a cup run.

In conclusion, I purposely arranged my points in order of importance, one leads to the other to have a great and successful club. Invariably, these are just few among others. Thank you!

Posted at 12h34 on 14 May 20
by david

Well, there are few factors before a club could be considered as successful

1... TROPHY CABINET - I think everyone will have to agree on this one that trophies won by a club is one major factor for a club to be considered as been successful

2... TRADITION- A successful club must have a tradition that they must have been following since their existence and tradition helps to keep or create a loyal fan base. This tradition could be their style of play or mode of operation. 

3... FANBASE - the number of fans that a club possesses has a positive impact on the club. Fanbase is another important factor to decide whether a club is successful or not. E.g Manchester United football club of England have not won a major trophy since the departure of sir Alex Ferguson but they are still regarded as a successful football club because of their huge fanbase in the United Kingdom and the World at large. 

4... PLAYERS - when u have top talented and young players playing for your club it sets a benchmark of how big and successful your club is, all the big and successful football clubs in the world today have big stars playing for them and it automatically sets you as a big and successful football club. 

5... FINANCIAL STATUS - The financial status of a club is another major factor for a club to be considered as successful football club and when you put together prize monies for trophies won and endorsement deals and other major sponsorship deals of most successful football clubs round the World, it gives them an edge over others. 
Take note that the financial prowess of a club makes it easier for the club to sign good and quality players that will help bring glory days and success to club


Posted at 12h45 on 14 May 20
by samuel

TROPHIES: Trophies a club has won makes them successful. Winning Trophy should be the primary aim of football club that wants to be successful. The cases of BARCA, REAL MADRID, LIVERPOOL etc. are good example of clubs that are successful because of trophies.
MANAGEMENT: The management of the team makes it successful in the sense that they know how to manage their funds. If there is improper management of funds the team won't grow. Let us take good example of man city. Man city was like every regular epl team until  Sheik Mansour  acquired the team and funded the team very well with cash and human resources. Let us come back home to why enyimba is considered as the most succsessful team in the npfl in terms of proper funding...good management.
FANBASE AND PATTERN OF PLAY: The number of fans a club has also booost their image or status in the world of foootball. The number of fans that flood a stadium and social media platform  of a club makes them outstanding. Also the pattern of play of the club make people want to watch them and their consistency in the league. Perfect example is arsenal. Arsenal’s global reach has increased significantly as a result of their continued presence in the Champions League and commitment to fast,
free-flowing football under Wenger.
AGE OF THE TEAM: The number of years a team has stayed make people respect them. These make people or even generation support a particular club for long time that will inspire a team to win trophies.e.g. liverpool, barcelona etc

Posted at 13h15 on 14 May 20
by chisom

To elucidate what a proper successful club should look like let's take a look at Manchester United.Football is business as I always say and like any  businesse should be modeled into an empire. That is, having a strong foot in the stock market. Manchester United is an epitome of successful business handling. Give anybody an opportunity to own a share of Manchester United club,the person will happily sell most of his properties to buy shares.  Apart from being endeared to a  club, market value also attracts investors and sponsors. Enyimba FC arguably the biggest club in Nigeria with a great fan base yet nobody is investing in the club. Being able to generate huge profit turnovers each quarter due to professionalism is the climax of success. Fan base may not at all times mutate to club success but it is also important. Can we say Kano Pillars is successful since each game day Sani Abacha Stadium is filled up? Many will say no and this takes us back to openness in terms of inflow or outflow of money in a club. Fans are pillars of a club but may watch their darling club fold up because of lack of investors, especially private owned clubs. A successful club must build other revenue sources such as hotels, e.g. Chelsea and many European clubs, malls and even big time academies (not those currently obtained in NPFL clubs.)Owing a Stadium may not necessarily mean success. AC Millian, Inter Milan, Chelsea and lots of other successful clubs lack their own stadiums. How much can be generated during game days? How much club souvenirs are sold each game day? Are fans proud to come to the stadium? These are things investors are looking for, dedication and business oriented clubside.Success in pitches add up to overall success. A trophy winning club is well liked by fans and even non football fans. Many who wear Chelsea replicas today don't enjoy watching  football, but because they hear many praise the trophy winning ability of the said club. Thus they identify with them. If you are winning, companies will like to strike up advertising deals. All these add up to present a successful club.Ability to market the club will make even an unsuccessful club seem successful. Since it's all about business and profits, a club always at the top of Television jingles, social media etc will definitely look successful. Portsmouth had a great fan base, Stadium, technical players yet they are not regarded successful because they failed to keep the money coming in…. A successful club has a fat net worth, lots of trophies, passionate fans and the ability to sell itself to the world.

Posted at 13h46 on 14 May 20
by ifeanyi

To classify a team successful it will possess the following
1_ huge fan base
2_ financially stable and Improve in sponsorship
3_ a large trophy cabinet
4_ experience technical crew
5_ active and optimistic in the transfer market
6_ great stars will always be eager to play for the team
7_ great coaches don't turn down offers from such clubs
8_ don't get bankruptcy
9_ pays there staffs and players well
10_ has huge sponsorship deals both in the social medias
11_ it's profit will be greater than the expenses
12_ adequate preparations ahead of the upcoming season

Posted at 14h52 on 14 May 20
by jimoh

A football club is considered to be successful if they have the following:
1. Committed players
2.A trustworthy board of directors who dedicate themselves to the growth of the club
3.A qualified coach
4.standard facilities and a standard stadium
5.A strong/reputable fan base
6.A functional football academy
7. A good amount of trophies in the cabinet.

1.Committed players: Most times clubs have money, trophies, a good fan base etc, but they lack committed players and most often these kind of players cand affect the young players in the team if not get rid off fast.And also these kind of players tend to disrespect the club which affect the club  greatly. And I must say there is no successful football club who don't have committed players.

2.Trustworthy directors: For any team in the world the management is important they may have what it takes to be a successful club but they fall short in their management and mostly bad management disrupts things like the merchandise sales , transfers of players , standard training facilities, in functional football academy. And for any successful team a good board of directors are needed

3.A qualified coach: A successful football club needs a qualified coach before it can actually be successful a qualified coach in the sense that the coach has to motivate his/her players give them guidelines on what to do treat every player equally irrespective of their age or experience

4.Standard stadium and facilities: A club needs a stadium and facilities that meets the minimum requirements required for the club to be successful one the players need to have adequate training facilities to enable them to compete at a very high level

5.A strong fan base: Any successful club needs a strong fan base to be considered successful because clubs without a strong fan base find it hard to generate revenues

6.Functional academies: Most successful football clubs have function academies around the world to recruit promising/talented individuals who contribute towards the success of the club

7.Good amount of trophies in the cabinet:This is not as important as other point listed above but it is included because a successful club needs a good amount of trophies to be considered successful but this does not always apply to clubs. A very good example is Tootenham Hotspur in the English premier league they have not won trophies lately but when speaking about successful football clubs in England they can not go unmentioned.

       A club can also be considered successful based on the number of players called up to play for the national team in which the club is based.

Posted at 15h49 on 14 May 20
by daniel

Hi.  Good day everyone. 
I think a successful football club should be based on the  following ;
Finances:  A successful team should have diverse  and good revenue system in the running of the club's affairs. They pay the entirety of the clubs stakeholders at the right time, a successful club has good support,  partners and sponsorship deals.

Fanbase: What is football without its fans. What is a successful club without  a large number of core fan base. A people that will support the club through 'thick n thin' even through the first point discussed  (finances). A successful club surely has a very large number of  core fan base.

Awards and Trophies:  This aspect to some is the peak of being successful... Especially when you look at it from the manager's and player's perspective. A successful club has numerous trophies, titles and are champions at the highest point of  football, especially at domestic, confederation, and international level. A successful club plays football at the topmost levels and claims the trophy, at least  frequently or time to time.

Facilities:  A successful club should have not only a football pitch but a Sports Complex,  For the development  of her players, and even as a source of revenue. The facilities should be world class.

Youth and Academy System: This is also an important aspect of a successful club which is often overlooked by some football clubs. They never know which next big talent they can groom for their success and even finances if eventually the decide to sell.

I believe this factor of success are related one way or the other, because each can generate revenue the smooth running of a club.


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Posted at 17h20 on 14 May 20
by joseph

THE PLAYERS: I believe that for a team to be successful, it's got to be an elite team and only an elite team attracts elite players.
When a club has top players from around the globe wearing it's crest, it sets a point of reference of how successful the club is. All successful clubs in world football have 5-star players fighting for the glory and honour of the badge week in week out which confirms their status as a successful club.
THE CULTURE: The culture of a club to me, is the butress of that club. It's one of the most important factors in determining the success of a club. The culture of a club is the yardstick for a loyal fanbase and elite players. Cultural characteristics of a club ranges from their style of play, domestic player bias, transfer acumen, youth development policy, etc.
THE FANBASE/SUPPORTERS CLUB: In my opinion, the number of fans a club has is directly proportional to their success and also has a vast impact on the success of the club. For instance, a team with no league title and a team with five league titles can't go head to head with the number of fans each has, the later will surely beat the former. A kid just starting to watch football will surely wave the banner of the team with five league titles than the team with none. A club with truehearted and incredible fans also plays a major role in how they perform be it at home or on the road, in a rainy cold night or under the scorching sun at noon and wether the odds are for them or against them.
THE TROPHY ROOM: We've got to admit. A club who's got everything I mentioned above but lack the glitz and glamour of silverware, lack that icing on the cake, lack a hugely decorated trophy cabinet- It takes nearly all if not all of their grade on the success chart.

Posted at 17h43 on 14 May 20
by eval

A successfulfootball club could mean different things to different people, but all
successful clubs share the following characteristics;Club Structure: The success of a footballclub hinges on how sound the club’s structure is, there is a saying that “you
can’t find a healthy tooth in a rotten mouth”, a successful football club
begets a good club structure and vice versa. The best brains and technocrats
are assembled and functions distinctively designated to achieve a common goal
with zero or no regard for religion, gender, tribe, or other inclinations. Trophy Cabinet: Success endears many andwinning trophies is a visible sign of being successful. Victory on the pitch breeds
worldwide acceptance, followership, financial power, and attracts the best sponsors/partners
and footballers in the world. Fan Base: The most successfulfootball clubs naturally attract fans cut across every part of the world. Down
the valleys, over the hills, and through the meandering creeks the names of
some of the biggest European teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester
United, AC Milan etc are being sounded and their jerseys are being donned. Success
has many relatives. Vandrezzer FC has so far pulled fans from every part of Nigeria
and the world, a good sign of a successful club.  Thesethree key points are sacrosanct to every successful football club in the world.

Posted at 16h14 on 15 May 20
by danny

For A Club To Be Regarded As A Succesful Club, There Are Some Conditions That Must Have Been Met And Some Of These Include:-

1. CONSISTENCY: A Club Must Have Had And Enjoyed A Long Span Of Consistency When It Comes To Competitions (both home and international). it must have participated in the first or second tier football league divisions and also major international competitions e.g UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE, EUROPA LEAGUE, CAF CHAMPIONS LEAGUE e.t.c

2. INDIVIDUAL PLAYER AWARDS AND NOMINATION: The Club Should At least have produced quality players of world class standard who can compete with other players for individual awards and nominations e.g Ballon 'd' or, FIFA BEST PLAYER AWARD, AFRICAN FOOTBALLER OF THE YEAR AWARD e.t.c.

3. ACADEMY : The Club Must Have An Academy For The Training Of Youngsters And Aspiring Footballers. Having An Academy, Apart From Preparing The youngsters for the game, it also teaches them about the club's tradition, player development and also save cost in terms of signing players for a professional contract with the club.

4. TROPHIES: A succesful club is one that has won trophies, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United Today are seen as one of the most succesful clubs today cause of the number of trophies and club awards they've won respectively. winning trophies not only makes the fans happy but also ensures a long-term commitment of players to the club.

5. FINANCIAL FREEDOM: A Succesful Club Should Not Be one to run on debts. Running a club and maintaining its facilities is capital intensive and as such requires incomes and revenues which can be generated through sponsorship deals, jersey sales, matcday-ticket-sales, advertisement etc.


Posted at 21h19 on 16 May 20
by munachi

A major factor is consistency, Of course  achievements/trophies won should be considered
If a club is deamed successful it should be able to manage its resources
Both financially stable, it's management system should be transparent . The club should be able to pay standard salaries and at when due. They should be able to manage there staff's, A successful team also consist of dedicated players who are willing to do there best no matter the time and consequences at stake, A successful club should be able to hold matches week in week out, provide top class training equipments, medical facilities and other essential materials,A successful club always have a structure or plan put in place and also the resources to actualise them.....a successful club has one vision which is acknowledged by the team, Another factor is the FAN base and  media outreach.

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