My answers on to be classified a successful club

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Posted at 16h14 on 14 May 20
by abdullateef

1. Charismatic Players
That player needs football skills as well, but when deciphering between the two, it does make sense. When looking for players who will develop and help team chemistry, you need personality. The great players have charisma. This not only boosts the opportunity for PR, but also the likelihood that the team as a whole will connect
2. Famous Rivalries
Passion can grip and paralyze a crowd. No sport echoes that sentiment better than football. There is nothing sweeter than earning an important victory over your most hated rival. Rivalry brings out the fierceness, competitiveness and the passion it awakens among supporters and the players alike.
3. Legacy of Winning
Winning is by definition of success in sport. The simplest of comparisons between clubs is to look at their win- loss record. A full trophy case attracts a large crowd, and a successful club can list their accomplishments by the number of championships under their belt
4 Impressive playing style 
Playing style also adds to the entertainment factor for crowds watching their favorite teams.
5 A Superstar Player or MVP
While football is a crowd sport, a superstar on your team can bring attention from sponsors, coaches, and crowds alike. A great example is the FC Barcelona’s superstar player Lionel Messi
6 Stable Financial Resources
Perhaps the quickest way to attain status as a “Big Club” is to invest financially.
7 stadium 
The first impression of a sport team comes from the stadium It’s where the most dedicated fans spend their time and where the coaches and players brand the team to come together on the field. And many more 🤗🤗

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