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Posted at 17h10 on 15 May 20
by ismaila

With the passion and good perspectives that Vandrezzer FC has taken upon football in Nigeria, what do you think Vandrezzer FC has done or is doing that you think other Nigerian clubs should emulate for a better football league in Nigeria? 

Posted at 07h29 on 17 May 20
by ayanyemi

vandrezzer is a good football club and i love there strategies. the club should learn from North Africans and South Africa club side about what make them stand out on the continent and all the strategies put in place. i would also urge the management to invest more in Foreign professional footballer that would put the love and passion of the game and club in mind. unlike Nigerians player that would leave for greener pasture once they are well known. fans interaction, social works and more with this they can achieve a lot. Take a look at Mamelodi sundown, wydad, al ahly and Tunisians club side, what make they stand out so they wont depend on individuals

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